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Part 2 of the Q&A for Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Here is Part 2 of Dr. Tyler Speelman's answers to our questions on Disposable Contact Lenses.

Q: Will it be more expensive for me if I need to use a new pair of contacts every day?

A: Daily contact lenses are usually more expensive compared to monthly contacts if you wear them more than five days per week. Patients often forget to factor in the cost of solution required with a monthly lens and rebates that are offered with daily contact lens purchases. The average monthly contact lens wearer spends approximately $100 dollars on solution every year. Some daily disposable contact lens rebates are up to $200 with the purchase of a year supply.

Q: Are there certain conditions of the eye, or any other reason why you would specifically recommend to a patient the use of single use contact lenses?

A: Patients who suffer from allergies or dry eye almost always benefit from daily contact lenses because they get a fresh sterile lens every day that tends to be much more comfortable than a monthly lens that is worn over the course of several weeks.

Q: Are daily disposable contacts available for patients that wear specialty contact lenses?

A: Patients who wear specialty contact lenses normally would not see well out of a daily contact lens due to the limited parameters available with the daily modality.

Q: Is there anyone that is just not a candidate for daily disposable contacts?

A: Patient's with lots of astigmatism or an eye problem like Keratoconus that affects the front surface of the eye may not be able to wear daily contacts.

Q: Is there any further information that patients should know about daily disposables vs. traditional, or reusable contacts?

A: Most patients are able to wear contacts to help them see better, especially for recreational activities like swimming. Ask your doctor which contact lens would work best for your lifestyle and vision needs.

If you want to learn more about disposable contact lenses- please check out our website!